Routine Vaccines

At. Dr Battier’s Veterinary Clinic we believe in the least amount of vaccines given to your dog or cat the better. We follow the AAHA guidelines for our vaccine protocol.  Puppies receive their distemper and parvo combination vaccine at 8, 12, 16 weeks, their rabies vaccine at 20 weeks and their bordetella vaccine at 16-20 weeks.  Cats receive their FVRCP vaccine at 8 and 12 weeks. If your cat goes outside then we recommend the feline leukemia vaccine at 12 and 16 weeks and their rabies vaccine at 20 weeks. A year later your cat or dog will receive their boosters. After the year vaccine we recommend vaccinating your dog or cat for their core vaccines every 3 years and the bordetella yearly.

We are committed to providing the most current advances in veterinary medicine while being sensitive to cost concerns of our clients. It is with these two areas in mind, that ware able to offer the Ultra Fel-O-Vax line for feline core vaccines and the first canine oral bordetella vaccine.

For a nominal cost over previous vaccines, Ultra Fel-O-Vax vaccines lines is the first ½ ml line of feline vaccines on the market. These vaccines offer a more comfortable injection experience with 50% less volume then other vaccines. This vaccine is made using a purification process designed to decrease cellular debris, thus being able to be delivered with half the volume of other vaccines. The Ultra Fel-O-Vax vaccine lines is our latest tool to provide the best medicine to your dog or cat.

We recommend giving your pet their bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine for you dog if your dog visits the dog park, groomers, doggy day care, or is around any other dogs that visit these places.  We carry the first Bordetella that can be administered orally, which is less stress for your dog. This gives your dog the most complete and fastest onset of immunity against this disease without the drawbacks of intranasal or injectable Bordetella vaccines.

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